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[] - December 1, 2015

For the past week I have been trying out a new game called “Shire Defense – Fantasy Tower Strategy Game”. If you like tower defense games, then I would recommend you give this game a try. The game is very addicting and really easy to play. Pick the towers you want and place the strategically on the map, then work on upgrading towers to make the more powerful. The game is very addicting buy very fun. The graphics are pretty good for this game, you can clearly tell which enemy is coming out and what their weapon of choice is. I like how the game tells you what enemies are coming out this round.

This is a good feature because it allows the user see what’s coming out and pick specific towers that work best against those enemy types. There are a lot of levels and different types of field layouts so you have to set up your defenses not only for the different enemies, but also for the specific fields you are playing on because not all of them are the same. This is a good feature for the user because it allows them to think a little more and it also makes the game a little harder based on the terrain.

The only downside to the game is when you start out you see the towers, but you don’t really get to see what kind of damage they do and how much until you actually place it down. The same thing goes for upgrading the towers. If the creators made it so you could see what the towers do and what they upgrade to then the game would be perfect. Right now there is only five towers, so its going to be cool to see how many new towers they come out with in the future and what kind they will be.  I would definitely recommend this anyone that loves playing games, especially people who like strategy and tower defense games. The game is free so why not download and give it a try to see if you like it because I do and would definitely re download this game to play it again.




Shire Defense on

We would definitely re download this game to play it again.

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Become A Warlord Hero With Shire Defense

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We found Shire Defence a bit like Lord of the Rings meets Robin Hood