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iBreaker Rock

iBreaker Rock - Bohemia Touch
  iBreaker Rock

★★★★★ MAD game full of fun. Exercise your reflexes !!!

Enjoy this mad game full of fun and exercise your reflexes. It is pretty much fun in itself at a rock concert. Let alone when there appears a crazy shooter, who apparently does not like music and shooting at anything that moves. Beer cans flying in the air, bottles, shoes and more :-). Become a crazy gunman and shoot everything that flies through the air and do not let anything to fall down that would be a shame.

Letter Mix
This fun and addicting word game is designed to stimulate the mind as users guess and decode the letters that appear on the screen! When the letters are rearranged to form the correct word, they are pushed to the left of the screen and points are awarded to the user. Try to get as many points as you can to achieve high scores and rankings! The game's difficulty intensifies as you play, allowing for up to 5 rounds of increasing complexity!
If you are puzzle solver, crossword lover or word search addict, this app is for you! Letter Mix is packed with 60 fun-filled levels of increasing difficulty to appeal to both novas as well as experienced users!
Connect with your fiends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and try to beat their high score! Letter Mix will have you playing for hours on end - or at least until the clock runs out! Unlike other boring word games, Letter Mix is different each time you play! No two words will ever be the same which allows for a different experience every time! Keep going until you score 3 out of 3 stars on each level!
  Letter Mix icon

Letter Mix - Bohemia Touch

GoBang 2012 icon

GoBang 2012 - Bohemia Touch
  GoBang 2012
GoBang 2012, a new classic turn-based game app from Bohemia Touch, was made live today in the iTunes Store. The game is a five-in-a-row/gomoku like game usually played with paper and pencil or with go pieces. A player can play against computer against a human opponent. Computer opponent offers three difficulty levels when hard level is really not easy to beat and players must develop a unique tactics to win.

Because the game is available worldwide it offers two design schemes. One classic which imitates paper and pencil design and another with GO black and white pieces. The adjustable difficulty level helps ease everyone into the game play and provides more challenging matches for those with strategic minds.


Shire Defense on TouchArchive.com

We would definitely re download this game to play it again.

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Become A Warlord Hero With Shire Defense

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We found Shire Defence a bit like Lord of the Rings meets Robin Hood