Shire Defense - Fantasy Tower Strategy Game

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Shire Defense - Bohemia Touch

Your kingdom is at war! Travel to the battlefield in Shire Defense to defend your shire against invading zombies, wizards, warriors, mages, and ogres!

Each level of Shire Defense is filled with action! Try to stop the hordes of evil enemies by building up your defense. Build crazy tools that emit wind tornadoes, metal bees, fireballs, poison clouds, and more! To become more powerful, you can upgrade your defenders. The hordes of zombies and ogres are relentless and will stop at nothing to destroy what’s left of your precious kingdom!

Game Features

  • Travel Across 25 Worlds
  • Battle In 5 Environments
  • Play 3 Difficulty Levels
  • Fight 5 Types Of Defenders

Fight intense battles in five different environments and climates, including a forest, pass, mountains, valley, and town! Travel across 25 maps and watch the levels become more difficult. Test your skills in three different difficulty levels. The steady increase in challenge will have you wanting to play and battle more! You can also listen to a variety of unique music by as you battle.

Start strategizing, defending your kingdom, and battling the vicious enemies by downloading Shire Defense today!

Powered by the Sparrow Framework

Device Requirements:

  • Universal app optimized for iPhone and iPad
  • Requires iOS 7.1 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Available for FREE in the App Store in Games category. Offers in-app purchases.



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